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What is the shelf life of CBD Oil? Read this Post

No matter what we consume, virtually everything has a shelf life. This includes CBD oil as well. A product’s shelf life is essentially the amount of time an item could remain usable, salable, or fit for consumption.

So you might be wondering, how much shelf life does CBD have? Does it lose its effect over time? And how long could a bottle of CBD last before it is not fit for consuming? Well, we will discuss all of your questions in this article.

Variants behind CBD Shelf Life

You have to consider several things for determining the shelf life of CBD. The quality of your oil is a significant determinant of how long it lasts. Its packaging and the way you store it are also essential determinants behind its quality. Let us have a closer look at all of these factors to have a better understanding of CBD oil’s shelf life.


It does not matter what type or kind of product you are using if its condition is excellent; the chances are that it will last for a long time. Clothes, appliances, cars… no matter what the case is, the better the quality, the longer it will last. The same goes for CBD oil.

The hemp’s quality from which the CBD was derived, along with the method utilized for extracting it have a significant impact on the final product’s shelf life. If CBD oil comes from top quality hemp that is grown in soil rich in nutrients, extracted with modern state of the art methods, its shelf life will be significantly longer than poorly extracted CBD oils. It is as simple as this: quality extraction and quality hemp are equal to top quality oil with a higher shelf life.


In case you did not know, air, light, and heat play a massive role in CBD’s shelf life. Therefore, finding a proper storage area for it is vital. If you want to prolong your CBD oil’s shelf life, it would be advisable to avoid the elements mentioned above as much as you can.

A dark and cold environment would perhaps be the best location for storing your CBD oil. It ensures that the oil remains as fresh for as long as it possibly can. If the CBD oil you have purchased is of high quality, the way you store it is an essential determinant of its shelf life.


Another major factor that determines CBD’s shelf life is its packaging. Blue dropper bottles or amber bottles are arguably the best things to store CBD oil or tinctures. This is why you will find most CBD oils, especially from top brands packaged in these bottles.

These bottles protect the oil fro, air, light, and heat exposure, three things that play a considerable role in terpenes and cannabinoid breakdown. Packaging matters a lot and has an integral part in your CBD’s shelf life.

Storing Your CBD Oil Properly

Let us assume for a moment that you bought top-quality CBD oil after doing tons of research. If that precisely is the case, your oil will probably be present in an amber or blue bottle. The way you store CBD entirely depends on you. If you are looking to extend your CBD oil’s shelf life, here are a few things to always keep in mind:

Keep It Away From Light

Several pieces of research indicate that light exposure is a significant factor in cannabinoid loss. Sunlight exposure or artificial light can speed up the CBD degradation process. Sure, you might be tempted to show off your CBD bottle to your family and friends; however, you should avoid it at all costs.

Of course, the bottles are designed for filtering light to maintain the oil’s freshness, but if you keep it under direct sun or any other well lit place, your CBD oil will lose its freshness pretty quickly. The best thing to do would be to keep your CBD oil inside a pantry cupboard separated from any appliance that produces heat. You could also store CBD inside a freezer or refrigerator. It will not only keep the CBD away from light, but it will also protect it from heat.

Do Not Store the Oil in Hot Places

As we have discussed before, cold temperatures are perfect for CBD oil’s longevity. Warmer temperatures disrupt the oil’s natural chemical composition, although this will not make the oil useless by any means, it will undoubtedly deteriorate its quality and cause the oil to become slightly cloudy.

An excellent way to avoid this would be to store your oil inside a fridge. You could take an extra step and wrap up the bottle in aluminum foil before storing it inside the refrigerator.

Keep the Oil Away From Air

Most CBD oil bottles are designed to keep air out. Air exposure plays a vital role in reducing CBD oil’s shelf life due to cannabinoid breakdown. It would be wise to let your CBD oil stay inside its original container. Also, remember to keep its bottle tight at all times. If you do want to transfer it, make sure that the other box is airtight as well.

What Is The Shelf Life Of CBD If You Store It Properly?

If you follow the storage methods as mentioned above strictly, your CBD oil could last for as long as two years. It could potentially last longer if you never take your oil out of dark and cold places, but that is highly unlikely. Proper storage will also ensure maximum benefits out of the CBD oil.

Giving a Long Shelf Life to Your CBD Oil

Since you know by now, CBD oil’s shelf life depends on the product’s original quality and how you store that product. As far as wellness goes, CBD oil is as miraculous as it gets. If you give proper attention to your CBD oil, there is no reason you could use it for numerous months or even a couple of years.