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Canna oil gummies

How to Make Canna Oil Gummies at Home (Recipe)

There are a plethora of weed edibles that you can try and make at your home. However, out of all the edibles out there, cannabis oil gummies are perhaps the best. Also known as ganja gummies or weed gummies, cannabis gummies are quite small. Eating them is secure, and there is not much mess involved during their preparation. Plus, you can make them in several different flavors, which is a huge bonus.

Since you use cannabis oil to prepare these gummies, you can decide their potency as well. Some like to keep it subtle and delicate, while others prefer it to be on the higher side. A common misconception people have about cannabis gummies is that they melt if kept outside for extended periods. In reality, they do not melt, reason? Well, for starters, cannabis gummies and Jell-O are two completely different things. Because of this, carrying cannabis oil gummies around is remarkably more uncomplicated as you do not have to keep them refrigerated all the time. They can last long without a cold temperature and retain their taste and texture.

How to Start: Choosing an Extract

Some of you may know that hash oil is the critical ingredient for preparing canna oil gummies. Because of this, the potency is strong, but you do not get the strong flavor of weed that is generally present in most edibles. However, remember that the extract you choose for your gummies will dictate their taste. You have two main options when it comes to selecting a starting extract. These options are:

1. Tincture

Preparing canna gummies with tincture is more straightforward in comparison to using hash oil as an extract. However, tincture extract will make your gummies taste a bit like weed. If that is something you do not require, choose hash oil.

2. Hash Oil

Hash oil is low in green matter, which makes it an ideal extract for making canna gummies without the taste of weed. However, this method does require you to be patient. If you plan to use hash oil extract, it would be advisable to go for its purest form.

Canna Oil Gummy Supplies

Mentioned below is a thorough list of supplies that you will require to prepare your canna-oil gummies. The quantity mentioned below will only allow you to make a small batch; however, once you have the taste, potency, and flavor locked in, you can prepare more substantial quantities.


  • Three ounces of gelatin. Choose any flavor you want
  • Unflavored Gelatin 2.5 envelopes. Quarter ounce each
  • A quarter cup of fruit juice. Do not use fruits that contain citrus
  • Two teaspoons of honey
  • Half a teaspoon of flavor extract
  • Any gummy mold type you prefer
  • A large bowl
  • A container or small bowl to mix liquids
  • Non-stick pan (large)
  • Any of the two extracts mentioned earlier
  • Quarter or a half cup of cannabis tincture
  • Hash oil. Start with seven drops

Directions to Prepare Cannabis Gummies

  1. Empty the flavored gelatin package inside a large bowl
  2. Drop the unflavored gelatin in the same pot and blend the two by whisking them thoroughly
  3. Mix the honey and fruit juice inside a small bowl
  4. Pour the mixture of honey and juice along with the combination of gelatin and whisk it until it combines. Set it aside once whisking is complete.

Directions for Hash Oil Extract Users

Put your frying pan (non-stick) on the stove. Pour some hash oil inside the stick pan. After that, pour the flavor on top of it. Add the gelatin mixture in the pan with hash oil and flavor extract, and start mixing it together. Make sure that you cook the combination at medium to low heat until the gelatin dissolves completely. You will know this by looking at gelatin granules forming in the mixture. Pout the completed mixture inside a measuring cup with care. Use a pour sprout to avoid making a mess. Pour mixture inside your molds, and store them inside the refrigerator for an hour. After they are set, the gummies are ready, remove them from the molds and dig in!

Follow these simple steps, and you will prepare a potent batch of canna gummies in no time.

Common Questions about Canna Gummies

How Much Canna Gummies Should I Eat?

If you are not aware of your tolerance levels, it would be advisable to eat a single or even half a gummy. Wait for 2 to 3 hours to let it properly digest and show its effects. If you feel that one or half was not strong enough, eat two next time.

If you find your gummy to be too intense, eat a smaller quantity next time. There is no shame in cutting down the amount at the beginning; it will only help to increase your tolerance gradually. You can also try using a smaller amount of hash oil when you prepare the gummies next time.

What is the Longevity of Canna Gummies?

If you keep your canna gummies inside a refrigerator, they can last for two months. Keep them in a freezer, and they will last for a year.

Is it Possible to Make Layered Canna Gummies?

Of course, you can prepare a layered batch of cannabis gummies. They look elegant; however, they require a lot of work. You have to use different colored gelatins. You can make double and even triple-layered gummies if you want.

You can also separate the gelatin mixture in different parts and utilize food coloring for making every portion of the gelatin appear different. However, keep in mind that having different colors does not mean different flavors.

Is Switching Up Flavors Possible with these Gummies?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, you can indeed switch up flavors for your cannabis gummies. In fact, you should try it for your next batch and see which flavor your taste buds appreciate more.

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about preparing canna gummies, nothing is stopping you from making your first batch and hopefully, more.